After Chat GPT, tea shop with quirky name ChAI GPT goes viral

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After Chat GPT, coffee shops with the odd name of ChAI GPT quickly spread
What happens when Chat GPT becomes his ChAI GPT?Check out the tea shop that calls itself “Chai GPT – Purely Pure Tea”.
The language model, ChatGPT, was created by OpenAI. Based on the information received, it uses a deep learning architecture called Transformer to create human-like text responses. It’s been trained with large amounts of text data from across the web, so it can provide consistent, contextual answers on a wide variety of topics. While ChatGPT can communicate and provide useful information, it is important to remember that it lacks comprehensive knowledge and awareness. Now, what if someone improvised and changed the name to something quirky and quirky? Ask an Indian tea specialist to help you find the most memorable names based on market popularity. An Indian shopkeeper sells tea under the name of her OpenAI chatbot as the rest of the world ponders the potential of his ChatGPT and AI.
Recently, a photo of an artificial intelligence (AI) teahouse has become a hot topic on the Internet. No, the shop doesn’t serve machine-learning tea, but the nickname caught everyone’s attention. The name of the shop is “Chai GPT”. Twitter user SwatKat posted a photo of a tea shop sign that read “Chai GPT – Real Pure Tea” and a caption that read, “Silicon Valley:
We have the best startup ideas. Indian Tea Shops:
Please bring me some tea.”
There was an uproar with hilarious comments from netizens who didn’t entertain them at all. One user commented, “‘Truly Pure’ is another version of ‘Barosha Lak Bai’…” while another commented, “There must already be a chat GPT somewhere that offers chat and panipuri. ’” commented one user, writing: yahan chat golgappe papadi tikki ChatGPT bhi h.’ Another user commented, ‘We finally have a space to hang out…’ while another added, ‘He sells franchises too. !” 

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