Bachelor of Commerce [Financial Market]


It is full time course consisting of 40 subjects comprising 38 theory subject and two projects. The duration of the course is six semesters spread over three years, Numbers of students per batch shall be consists of not more than 60 students.


1. Candidates for being eligible for admission to the degree of BBI shall have passed XII standard examination of Maharashtra Board of Higher secondary Education or equivalent not less than 45% in open & 40% in reserve category with first attempt.

2. No college shall conduct any entrance test in any form and the admissions are purely on merit basis dully following the reservation policy as per the norms of the Governments of Maharashtra.

Scheme of Examination - Credit Based Evaluation System -

The performance of the learners shall be evaluated into two components. The learner's performance shall be assessed by internal assessment with 25% marks in the first component by conducting the Semester End Examinations with 75% marks in the second component. The allocation of marks for the internal assessment and Semester End Examinations are as shown below:

A] Internal Assessment - 25% [25 Marks]

Sr. No Particulars Marks
1 One periodical class test held in the given semester 10 Marks
2 At least two Term Work module/ assessment modes (like field work/ experimental work, sort quiz, Objective test, case study, project etc) decided by the department in the beginning of the semester. 10 Marks
3 Active participation in the routine class attendance 5 Marks

B] Semester End Examination - 75 % [75 Marks]


Semester-I and semester-II

Course code SEMESTER - I Course code SEMESTER - II
UFMFSI.1 Financial Accounting - I UFMFSII.1 Financial Accounting - II
UFMFSI.2 Economics - I UFMFSII.2 Economics - II
UFMFSI.3 Business Communication - I UFMFSII.3 Business Communication - II
UFMFSI.4 Business Mathematics UFMFSII.4 Business Statistic
UFMFSI.5 Computer Skills - I UFMFSII.5 Computer Skills - II
UFMFSI.6 Business Environment UFMFSII.6 Environmental Science
UFMFSI.7 Introduction to Financial system UFMFSII.7 Principles of Management


Semester-III and Semester-IV

Course code SEMESTER - III Course code SEMESTER - IV
UFMFSIII.1 Debt Markets UFMFSIV.1 Commodities markets
UFMFSIII.2 Corporate Finance - I UFMFSIV.2 Corporate Finance - II
UFMFSIII.3 Equity Markets - I UFMFSIV.3 Equity Markets - II
UFMFSIII.4 Banking & Financial System UFMFSIV.4 Financial System
UFMFSIII.5 Business ethics UFMFSIV.5 Taxation for Investments
UFMFSIII.6 Organization Behavior UFMFSIV.6 Security Analysis
UFMFSIII.7 Computer applications in investments UFMFSIV.7 Business law


Semester-V and semester -VI

Course code SEMESTER - V Course code SEMESTER - VI
UFMFSV.1 Global Capital Market UFMFSVI.1 Risk Management
UFMFSV.2 Regulation of Securities Markets UFMFSVI.2 Corporate Governance
UFMFSV.3 Insurance (Fund) Management UFMFSVI.3 Computer Applications in Financial Services
UFMFSV.4 Derivative Markets UFMFSVI.4 Marketing of Financial Services
UFMFSV.5 Foreign Exchange Markets UFMFSVI.5 Mutual Fund Management
UFMFSV.6 Portfolio Management UFMFSVI.6 Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services
UFMFSV.7 Project - I UFMFSVI.7 Project - II