Microsoft announces new A.I.-powered Bing homepage that you can chat with

On Tuesday, Microsoft held a press conference from its headquarters to unveil new AI-enhanced updates to its Bing search engine and Edge browser. Bing is getting a significant upgrade, allowing users to communicate with it to get more in-depth answers to their search inquiries. For instance, you can ask Bing to plan a vacation and then inquire about its cost. A preview of the new Bing will be released on Tuesday.

During the event, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman briefly took the stage to confirm that Microsoft is utilizing OpenAI’s GPT technology in some of its new software, similar to the ChatGPT AI.

Microsoft revealed that the AI-powered Bing and Edge browser will be launched on Tuesday in a limited preview version for desktops. This means that users will only be able to search for a limited number of queries during the initial phase. However, a waitlist for the full version will be available, and it will be accessible to millions of people in the coming weeks. Microsoft also intends to launch a mobile version of Bing.

During a Q&A session with journalists, Microsoft stated its plan to eventually bring its AI-powered chat features to all browsers, starting with Microsoft Edge. The Edge browser will also have exclusive features that will not be available on other browsers.

The newly announced AI-powered Bing homepage features an expanded chat box that can answer more than just factual questions. The new Bing is capable of:

• Answering questions with extensive context similar to ChatGPT. • Planning trips by creating itineraries. For instance, you can ask it to “Plan a five-day trip to Mexico.” • Responding to follow-up questions, allowing you to continue the conversation. For example, after planning a trip, you can ask “How much will this trip cost us?” or “Can we add or change something in the itinerary?”

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